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Kaidalov Nikolay Nikolaevich

A native of an ancient Cossack family, a native of Surgut, he was born on February 26, 1914. Nikolai Nikolayevich volunteered for the front. The first application was written on June 24, 1941, but the application was rejected. Only a month later he was sent to the Chkalovsk school of anti-aircraft artillery, located in the city of Omsk. After ten months of study, he was among the defenders of the capital of our Motherland - Moscow. Combat path: served as a gunner for 37-mm anti-aircraft guns of the 862 Moscow Special Air Defense Army of the Moscow Military District. On July 17, 1944, senior lieutenant Kaidalov with his comrades in arms from the roof of the Tchaikovsky hall, where anti-aircraft guns were installed, watched as an endless column of defeated fascist troops captured in Belarus marched along the Garden Ring. There were over 57,600 of them ... In May 1945, anti-aircraft guns were removed from Moscow buildings, and ruby ​​stars flashed over the Kremlin again. Awards: medals "For the Defense of Moscow", "For Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945." In peacetime, Nikolai Nikolaevich Kaidalov, a reserve captain, worked as editor of the newspaper To the Victory of Communism, secretary of the district party committee, and employee of Stroybank. He is remembered as a cheerful and intelligent person who loves nature. He knew Russian and Soviet culture, sang well. On his initiative, the creation of singing collectives was widely developed in Surgut. He passed away on September 12, 1979. He was buried in Surgut.