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All-Russian competition "My faithful friend"!

We invite you to take part in the story contest "My Faithful Friend", timed to coincide with the annual celebration of the "Day of the Front Dog" at the Victory Museum.
More than 60 thousand frontline dogs served during the Great Patriotic War - these are signal dogs, orderlies, sappers, saboteurs, postmen, sled dogs. Together they pulled out more than 700 thousand wounded from the battlefield, found 4 million mines and land mines, delivered 200 thousand documents.
Contestants are invited to write a short story about their favorite dogs. The volume of the story should not exceed 3,000 characters with spaces. You can also attach a pet photo of no more than 10 MB to the story.
"Instructive story"
"The four-legged hero"
"A funny story"
"Everyone in the world needs a home" (about stray dogs)
"For the literary style and artistry of the text"
"The youngest author"
"Online Voting Winner"
The organizing committee can establish additional nominations.
Works of participants from 7 to 17 years old are accepted in the period from July 12 to August 15, 2021. Winners Announcement - August 21!
You can apply and read the details on the official website of the Victory Museum https://victorymuseum.ru/online-programs/competition/vserossiyskiy-konkurs-rasskazov-moy-vernyy-drug/