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Photographers at war

About 400 accredited Soviet war correspondents worked at the front. It was their works that left the most poignant evidence of the war. Until now, many names of front-line photographers remain unknown.
Journalists often risked themselves on the front lines and skillfully performed not only documentary, but also artistic tasks.
The work was complicated not only by the military conditions, but also by the work with the film. The fragile material required careful work, and after the "click" it was necessary to deliver the film to the editorial office as soon as possible.
Developing rooms, editorial offices and printing houses could be located in front-line trains, which were often bombarded. It was also possible to get to the editorial office on a "light" plane.
Operators and photographers filming the Battle of Kursk worked literally in minefields. The optical power was not enough to photograph actions from afar, so they had to wait for enemy tanks to approach the trenches.
The contribution of war correspondents cannot be overemphasized in preserving the memory of the great feat. Their names have firmly entered the history of not only Russian photography, but also the history of Soviet journalism.