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Sakharutov Victor Konstantinovich

Was born on May 20, 1924 in the city of Biysk (now the Altai Territory). In June 1942, V.K. Sakharutov graduated from the 9th grade of school and was drafted into the ranks of the Red Army. He completed his initial military training at the Lepilsky military mortar school, which was evacuated to Barnaul. Military rank: senior lieutenant in reserve. Combat path: as part of the 466 mortar regiment participated in the battles near Budapest and Vienna. Demobilized in 1948. Awards: Order of the Patriotic War, II degree, Order of the Red Star; medals "For the capture of Budapest", "For the capture of Vienna". "For the victory over Germany", jubilee medal "30 years of the Soviet Army and Navy". After demobilization V.K. Sakharutov returned to his homeland in Biysk. In 1952 he got married. In 1955, together with his wife V.K. Sakharutov moved to the village. Kondinskoye Khanty-Mansiysk National Okrug, where at the beginning he worked as a photographer for the newspaper "For Communism", then was the chairman of the regional society of hunters. He left the State Insurance Inspectorate for a well-deserved rest.