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Alexandra Takhtueva

Was born in the village of Yugan, Surgut region, into a Khanty family of a hunter-fisherman. Worker of the rear. The years of the Great Patriotic War fell on training at the national pedagogical school.
There was a paramilitary regime in the institution, marching training
was introduced. Students were preparing firewood, mowing hay, fishing, harvesting, sending parcels to the front. They felt the cold and hunger of the war and were often malnourished.
After training, Alexandra Takhtueva worked as a primary school teacher at Trom-Agan, and then Ugut school. It was not easy: there were not enough boarding schools for indigenous children, clothes, shoes, textbooks. Instead of notebooks, they wrote on newspapers, ink was made from soot.
Alexandra Takhtueva has many awards, one of them is the medal "50 years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945".