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The action "Red Carnation" is being held in Ugra

Victory volunteers are holding the Red Carnation campaign in Khanty-Mansiysk. According to the "Open Region", volunteers tell labor collectives about the symbol of memory of the Great Patriotic War and collect donations in order to help veterans.
The action has been taking place in the region for several years. The organizers note that its goal is to instill in people patriotic values and to involve the population in helping veterans.
“The participants help to preserve the memory of the terrible events of the Great Patriotic War and thank the heroes not only in word, but also in deed,” the Victory Volunteers explain.
Donations are voluntary. Everyone who drops a bill or a coin into the box receives a badge with a red carnation. The proceeds will be used to treat veterans.
The promotion will last until June 22. To find out more details or take part, Ugra residents can call (3467) 32-92-97.
Earlier, UGRA-NEWS.ru also reported that the action to help veterans "Red Carnation" starts in Russia.