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The landing of the Immortal regiment of Russia in Yalutorovsk, Tyumen region

The team of the Tyumen regional branch of the Immortal Regiment of Russia went to Yalutorovsk to visit the veterans of the Great Patriotic War Mikhail Alekseevich Vorobyov and Mars Prokopyevich Ploskov.
The first guests were met by Mikhail Alekseevich. At 99 years old, a participant in the November 7, 1941 parade looks great, despite his venerable age and heat. He immediately demanded a jacket and got up from his chair, not wanting to sit when there were so many guests in the room. The only thing the veteran complained about was that he had become completely blind over the past year and began to hear poorly.
After talking, promising to come to the centenary and giving gifts, the guests went to the second address - there they were met right at the gate of his house by Mars Prokopyevich Ploskov. Mars Prokopyevich had a real holiday - his dream came true. And he dreamed of driving around his neighborhood in an electric wheelchair. This dream was fulfilled by OJSC Zapsibgazprom, where Mars Prokopyevich worked until he retired. Under the leadership of General Director Vodopyanov Yuri Leonidovich in Russia, Zapsibgazprom has been implementing a social program of targeted assistance to veterans, large families and disabled people for several years now. Mono hospitals are being built to treat COVID-19 patients, rehabilitation means are being purchased, and houses are being built for large families.
The grandchildren of Mars Prokopyevich helped to organize a very warm and friendly atmosphere of the meeting, setting the table right in the garden. Mars Prokopyevich was drafted into the army in 1943. He was lucky, and he remained the only survivor of the large Ploskov-Ostyakov family, who died in that terrible war.
Having presented gifts and also promised to come more often, the team left for home to Tyumen.
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