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Home front worker Nina Pavlovna Firsova celebrated her 90th birthday

Today, on August 12, Nina Pavlovna Firsova celebrates her 90th birthday. The head of the city, Oleg Deineka, congratulated the home front worker on this significant anniversary.
-Nina Pavlovna, I sincerely congratulate you on your anniversary! Difficult years have fallen to your lot, but thanks to your strong character, willpower and hard work, you raised the country from the ruins, in which it found itself after the war. Your life path is an example for the younger generations. I wish you health and good spirits for many years, - said Oleg Deineka.
Together with the head of the city, the birthday girl was congratulated by representatives of the Department of Social Protection of the Population in the city
of Megion. The guests handed Nina Pavlovna congratulatory addresses from the President of Russia and the Governor of Ugra, presented flowers and gifts.
Nina Pavlovna was born as her fourth child in the village of Zabolotnoye, Perm Territory. Two years before the start of World War II, her father died, and during the war, in 1943, her mother died. After the death of her mother, the girl was left alone in the old parental home. The neighbors took pity on her, fed her, and then Nina herself began to earn a living: she washed the floors, looked after the children, helped with the housework ...
At the age of 13, Nina, with children like her, began to work on a collective farm: the children worked all summer in a fruit and berry nursery.
At the age of 16, Nina got a job as a student in a sewing workshop - a branch of the Perm sewing factory, where at that time they made things necessary for the national economy, first of all, quilted jackets, cloaks and so on.
Fate brought Nina Pavlovna to her husband Fyodor Firsov in 1951. The young people got married, had children, and in the mid-1970s they moved to live in Megion.
“Our mother is a very kind, sensitive, sympathetic person,” says daughter Tatyana about Nina Pavlovna. - A man of the old school. She worked all my life, took care of us. She is still worried about us, trying to help in everything.
We join in the congratulations and wish Nina Pavlovna health, happiness, happy days, attention and care of her relatives and friends.