ENG Лица победы

Arkanov Ivan Nikitovich

Was born in 1914 in the village. Pokur (now Nizhnevartovsk region). In 1929 he graduated from 5 classes of Novo-Pokkursa seven-year school. From January 1941 he studied at the Khanty-Mansiysk trade and cooperative school. Without finishing school, on June 29, 1941 he was drafted into the Red Army. Combat path: went through the whole war. He was a platoon commander on the 2nd Baltic Front. He was injured four times. He returned home in 1946. He worked as a military commander at the Pokurskaya school, then until his retirement worked in a fish shop as a salesman for servicing fishermen at the fishing grounds. Last years he lived in Surgut, where he was buried.