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Glukhikh Alexander Vasilievich

Born November 20, 1911 in the Urals in the village. Bazhenovo. Secondary special education. Before being drafted into the ranks of the Red Army, he worked as a military commander of the Krasnopolyansk seven-year school of the Baikal district of the Sverdlovsk region. Mobilized in June 1941 by the Elamsk military enlistment office of the Sverdlovsk region. Combat path: A.V. Glukhikh took part in the hostilities from June 1941 to January 1942. as part of the 25th Infantry Regiment of the 44th Infantry Division, liberated Tikhvin and Leningrad. He was wounded on December 22, 1941 during the capture of the village of the village of Sestra on the banks of the river. Volkhov. Awards: Order of the Patriotic War II degree, Order of the Red Star; medal "For Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945." After demobilization A.V. Glukhikh worked as an insurance agent, was elected a deputy of the Bazhenov village council and worked as chairman of this village council for a long time before retirement. He came to Urai in 1973. Died on January 30, 1993, buried in Urai.