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Popov Anatoly Petrovich

Born on May 3, 1919 (according to the birth certificate 04/23/1918) in the village. Timofeevka (now Sverdlovsk region) In 1938 he graduated from the Surgut secondary school and entered the Tomsk Industrial Institute at the Faculty of Geology and Mineral Exploration. In January 1942 he volunteered for the front. On February 23, 1942, he took the military oath. He graduated from the accelerated course of the Tula Arms-Technical School and from August 1942 to March 1943 senior technician-lieutenant A.P. Popov fought in the 248 SD of the 28 Army of the Stalingrad Front (southern group of troops - Kalmyk, Salsk, Rostov steppes) as the chief of artillery supply of a separate training battalion. 03.43 to 05.43 - 4th Ukrainian Front (river Mius, Donetsk, Volnovakha, Molochnaya river, Kherson, Nikolaev) as part of the 5th Guards Mechanized Brigade of the 2nd Guards Mechanized Corps of the 2nd Guards Army in the position chief of artillery supply of a separate training battalion 248 SD 28 Army. From 05.43 to 10.44 3rd Ukrainian Front (Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria, Czechoslovakia) in the position of assistant chief of the technical unit for artillery supplies of the 1st battalion of the 5th Guards Mechanized Brigade, 99th separate Guards Motorcycle Battalion of the 2nd Guards Mechanized Corps. From 10.44. until 07.46 - 99th Separate Guards Battalion, 2nd Guards Mechanized Corps. He ended the war in Prague, Czechoslovakia. He was wounded twice. Concussion (March 1944), injury (May 1945). Awards: Order of the Patriotic War II degree, Order of the Red Star, medal "For Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945", medal "For the Liberation of Prague", medal "For the capture of Vienna", medal "For the capture of Budapest" Combat path: participated in battles as part of the Stalingrad, 4th Ukrainian, 3 Ukrainian fronts. After the war, in 1946 he recovered to the 4th year of the Tomsk Polytechnic Institute and graduated from it in 1949. He worked in various exploration teams. from 1969 to 1976 - Manager of the "Kuzbassshakhtogeologiya" trust of Union significance. retired since 1976. He died on March 15, 2007 in Kemerovo. Buried 4th cemetery, Veterans Alley.