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The media expedition “Victory in Our Hearts” arrived in Saratov

The road to Saratov was not easy for the participants of the media expedition, the Legend and the Dream, the vehicles of the expedition, had to be repaired.

According to the participants themselves, they received a very warm welcome in Saratov. Representatives of the Saratov Foundation “Defenders of the Fatherland” arranged a tour of the city for the expedition participants, together they visited the unique historical and patriotic complex “Museum of Combat and Labor Glory.” The museum presents an open-air exhibition of military equipment and weapons, expositions talking about military and labor exploits of Saratov citizens and “Mercy Train” in a genuine military sanitary car of 1934.

After visiting the museum, the participants of the expedition together with their comrades from the Foundation went to a rally-concert, where Saratov's creative teams and the Ugra rapper “Parom,” a participant of the media expedition, performed.