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+ 288 heroes: in Surgut, the lists of those who did not return from the war were updated

Almost 300 surnames of Ugra people - participants of the Great Patriotic War are included in the card index of the eternal memory of the Surgut memorial. For this, local ethnographers had to do a tremendous job, to study thousands of military documents. The search teams also rendered invaluable assistance to them.
Let us remind you that three thousand conscripts went to the front from Surgut. Moreover, every second did not return from the war. Nowadays there are just over 1,400 names on the Memorial of Glory.
Also recently, two awards were presented to the relatives of the fallen soldiers.
“Many servicemen did not receive their awards, earned in battle, as they left the hospital. So my dear grandfather did not receive the medal "For Courage" in 1943. And it remained in the archives. After the war, people had no time for medals - they needed to raise the country. And now the time has come when there are no more veterans, but there are their children, grandchildren, for whom the exploits of their relatives and the memory of them are not an empty phrase, "Viktor Ryabchikov, deputy of the Surgut Duma, noted to ugra-news.ru.