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The Central City Library named after Pushkin presented a book-biography of the legendary woman Vera Ivanovna Panasevich, Hero of Socialist Labor, Honorary Citizen of the Khanty-Mansiysk District - Ugra, Honorary Citizen of the city of Surgut.
The book “Vera Panasevich. Reaching the Star ”is a first-person story about life since childhood, which fell on the Great Patriotic War and the post-war period, family, work on shock construction sites and social activities.
My childhood, like everyone else then, was not very well-fed. The father was at the front, the mother was raising four children alone - a little or a little less. There was a cow on the farm, our nurse, they kept the chickens, and they lived like that. At the age of seven I was already in the field weeding, so I got used to work from an early age, - says Vera Ivanovna.
The publication includes photographs of different years from the personal archive of the heroine of the book. Friends and colleagues of Vera Ivanovna, officials of the city, came to the presentation of the book. They spoke warm words of
gratitude, recalled how the city of Surgut began. The book “Vera Panasevich. Reaching the Star ”- another continuation of the story of her fate and a huge gratitude from the descendants to the hard worker, mother, grandmother Vera.