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Batin Georgy Semyonovich

Born May 6, 1911 in the village Old Sosva (now the Sverdlovsk region). Grade 4 education. Civilian specialty: salesman. On September 7, 1941, the Khanty-Mansiysk district military registration and enlistment office was mobilized into the ranks of the Red Army. Initial military training: 30th Reserve Artillery Regiment of the Southwestern Front on July 5, 1943 graduated from a 3-month school for junior commanders, specializing in senior reconnaissance and observer. Combat route: Southwestern Front, 3 Ukrainian Front. Participant in the battles for the cities of Odessa, Belgrade, Budapest, Vienna, took part in the Yasso-Chisinau operation. Awards: Medal For Courage, Medal For Courage, Medal For Military Merit. Badge "Excellent worker of socialist competition in the fishing industry of the USSR", honorary title "Drummer of communist labor". October 16, 1945 G.S. Batin was demobilized due to his age. After returning from the front, G.S. Batin continued his active labor activity in the Kondinsky region, in the village. Shaim where he worked as a warehouse manager, Sukhoi Bor was the head of the ORS base; p. Polovinka as the foreman of the goslova of the Uchinsky fish station. He died on December 26, 1992, was buried in the village of Nazarovo, Kondinsky district.