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A park is being built in Berezovo in honor of the Hero of the Soviet Union

At an online meeting of the Governor of Ugra Natalya Komarova with residents of the Berezovsky district, the head of the municipality spoke about the progress of the project to reconstruct the park named after Hero of the Soviet Union Gavriil Epifanovich Sobyanin in Berezovo.
Large-scale work on updating the park is being carried out within the framework of the regional project "Formation of a comfortable urban environment" of the national project "Housing and Urban Environment". By October 25, the second stage of the park will be completed in Berezovo, according to Moskovsky Komsomolets
In 1941, Gabriel Sobyanin volunteered for the front. He was enrolled in the economic unit and only then in the rifle regiment of the 48th Ropsha Red Banner Rifle Division named after M.I. Kalinin, who acted on the Leningrad front. G.E. Sobyanin was sent to the divisional school of snipers, where on the eighth day of study he was given a sniper rifle and sent to the regiment. In the army, the hero-countryman since 1942.
On December 23, 1944, German infantry attacked Soviet positions and broke into the trenches. In an unequal battle, Gabriel Sobyanin died. According to some sources, his personal account is more than 60 killed enemy soldiers and officers. Buried in the Latvian village of Kursishi. By the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of June 29, 1945 "for the courage and heroism shown during the crossing of the Maza-Jugla River and the liberation of Latvia" the Red Army soldier was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.
The memory of the hero is kept in the Museum of Nature and Man in Khanty-Mansiysk: inventories, divisional newspapers and correspondence of the war years. In the district capital, a school and a street are named after the fellow countryman.
- We started the implementation of this project last year during the anniversary date - the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War - as a tribute to the memory and respect of our hero. The project was created with the direct participation of residents of the entire district. In addition, they have chosen what name the park will bear, ”Vladimir Fomin, head of the Berezovsky district, reported to the governor.
In 2020, at the expense of the budget, within the framework of the priority project "Formation of a Comfortable Urban Environment", the first stage of the project was improved: backfilling and planning of the territory were carried out, paths were paved with paving stones, and lanterns were installed. The park will have a gazebo, a fountain, a sensory information desk and a bas-relief depicting the ancient area of the village of Berezovo.
Residents of Berezovo are responsible for the creation of the obelisk to the hero-fellow countryman. Caring residents, with the help of social networks, raised funds and ordered the production of a monument in St. Petersburg. The sculptor made a monument from Siberian and Dymovsky granite. The sponsors were two representatives of the local business community. They also allocated 2.5 million rubles for the manufacture and delivery of the monument. He will appear in the park when the rest of the work is nearing completion. According to plans, the arrangement will be fully completed before the first frost.
We add that in 2019, a survey was conducted among residents of the Berezovsky district to choose the name of the park. Several options have been proposed. Nevertheless, the residents decided to keep the name - “Park named after G.Ye. Sobyanin ".
The composition of the monument consists of a bust of the fallen hero, which is installed on a pedestal of pink-gray granite. The concrete site is fenced with a cast-iron grate, and on the pedestal there is a plaque with the inscription “Hero of the Soviet Union G.Ye. Sobyanin ".
In addition, the construction of another facility is at the final stage - a roller park in Berezovo with spectator stands and equipment for skating in the form of a pump track.