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Festive concert for Victory Day

Every year the collectives of the Concert and Theater Center Ugra-Classic on the big stage prepare festive congratulations to veterans and residents of the region. This time the program will be presented by the Ugra Concert Orchestra and the Mlada Russian Song Ensemble.
The concert program is based on the music and songs of Victory, which inspired heroic deeds, gave precious hope, helped to survive in the Great Patriotic War, and now, after many years, touch to the depths of the soul.
The idea of creating the program is not to forget about duty, to remember at what cost Victory in a terrible war was paid, to honor the memory of the victims and to show constant concern for the veterans, whose life in war and home front is an immortal feat and heroism that continues to inspire millions of people around the world.
Participants: Concert Orchestra of Ugra, artistic director and chief conductor, author of the project - Sergey Sviridov; Russian song ensemble "Mlada", artistic director - Kristina Styazhkina.