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Arteev Andrey Pavlovich

Born on July 17, 1926 in the village. Saranpaul in the family of Pavel Alexandrovich and Valentina Aksentyevna Arteev. The Arteev family had three children: Anna, Alexander and Andrey. In 1944, at the age of eighteen, Andrei Pavlovich was drafted to the front. Combat path: from October 1944 participated in battles as part of the 52nd Guards Rifle Regiment. In one of the battles, Private Arteev was seriously wounded in the chest and arm. Andrei Pavlovich was treated for a long time in different hospitals. For courage and courage shown in the course of hostilities, he was awarded medals: "For the victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945", "For Courage", two medals "For Military Merit". In October 1945, Andrei Pavlovich Arteev was demobilized. In 1948 he married Yekaterina Kirillovna Burmantova, a native of the village of Nyaksimvol, Berezovsky district. After graduating from the Khanty-Mansiysk Pedagogical School, Yekaterina Kirillovna worked as a primary school teacher in the village of Shchekurya. Together, the couple raised and raised four children: Lyudmila, Sergei, Galina and Peter. Andrey Pavlovich worked as a fisherman-hunter at the Saranpaulsky state farm, then as a foreman of a fishing brigade in Saranpaul from the Berezovsky fish cannery. The brigade of Andrei Pavlovich Arteev on October 19, 1962 for the achieved high production indicators in socialist competition was entered in the Book of Honor of the Fishing Industry Directorate and the Regional Committee of the Union of Food Industry Workers. Before retirement, Andrei Pavlovich worked in aviation security. He died on October 9, 1977, was buried in the village. Saranpaul.