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Arkhangelsky Nikolay Vasilievich

Hero of the Soviet Union (1921-1945). Born in the village. Oseevo (now the Shadrinsky district of the Kurgan region). He rose from an aircraft pilot to deputy squadron commander. Received the baptism of fire on the Southwestern Front. From June 1942 to June 1944, he flew 210 sorties on the Boston aircraft, of which 98 were for reconnaissance. In January 1945, the 57th Bomber Aviation Regiment, in which Nikolai Arkhangelsky served, took part in the Warsaw-Poznan offensive. In this operation, the regiment assisted the troops of the First Belorussian Front in breaking through a heavily fortified defensive zone on the river. Vistula, in the suppression of artillery and mortar batteries, strongholds, centers of resistance and in the seizure of the fortress cities of Radom, Warsaw, Tamaschów, Lodz, Poznan. The regiment made 182 sorties. On January 15, 1945, while performing a combat mission, the plane of Senior Lieutenant Arkhangelsky was damaged. In bad weather conditions, the plane froze over and began to lose control. Below was enemy territory. The crew decided to send it to the accumulation of enemy troops. Fellow soldiers buried the remains of the brave crew in a mass grave in Poland. On the tombstone, Hero of the Soviet Union, Senior Lieutenant N.V. Arkhangelsky is listed as number 38.