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In Khanty-Mansiysk, military reenactors showed the feat of Elena Arteeva - a military assistant from Ugra

Military-patriotic reconstructions of the events of the Great Patriotic War took place in the cities of Ugra
Director of the organization of additional education "Center for Technical and Humanitarian Development" Viktor Krot is one of the leaders of the movement of reenactors in Ugra, for many years he has been engaged in the patriotic education of young people. Reconstruction, in his opinion, is designed to promote the development of spiritual and moral qualities in adolescents: readiness to defend the Motherland, instilling pride in our country and its accomplishments.
This time his idea is to show a specific episode of the war that took place in September 1942. This is a feat of our fellow countrywoman - military assistant Elena Arteeva from Saranpaul.
After seven years of school, she entered the Khanty-Mansiysk feldsher-obstetric school. After graduating in 1941, she worked as the head of a health center in the national village of Yuilsk. In October she went to the front as a volunteer. In the rank of lieutenant, Elena Arteeva served on the Stalingrad front in an anti-tank battalion near Kotluban.
She died on September 19, 1942. For a long time, the circumstances of the death of Elena Arteeva were unknown. But thanks to the work of activists of the Memory Museum, created at the Beloyarsk School No. 2, Elena's combat friends, Aleksandra Dezhurova and Sasha Kudryavtseva, were found. In their memoirs, they shared the following facts: during one of the battles for the Kotluban railway station, a German tank broke into the territory of the medical unit. When there was a threat to the lives of the wounded soldiers, Elena Arteeva, taking a bunch of grenades, went to meet the tank and at the cost of her own life stopped the enemy vehicle. Having performed a feat to save the soldiers, she died at the age of 22.
The military reconstructors tried to recreate this feat with all the details that they found in the archives. For this, people from Surgut, Khanty-Mansiysk and Sovetsky were involved.
In addition to the feat of the Ugra woman, they showed an experimental episode, the event of 1943 - a duel between a tank and an anti-tank gun. This became possible thanks to the financial support of grants from the President of Russia and
the Governor of Ugra. Grant funds made it possible to purchase a soldier's uniform, blank weapons, pyrotechnics, and the money was also used to transport props and decorations.
The main goal of the reenactment movement is to demonstrate the capabilities and creative potential of young people in the implementation of socially significant patriotic initiatives, the development of military-technical and military-applied sports, and the formation of a sense of civic responsibility in young people.
Themed sites worked at the reconstruction site: equipment and weapons of the Great Patriotic War, for example, cannons, mortars, a German T-IV tank, modern small arms and the times of the war.