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Mother Heroine

On July 8, 1944, a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR was issued "On increasing state aid to pregnant women, mothers with many children and single mothers, strengthening the protection of motherhood and childhood, establishing the honorary title" Mother Heroine "and establishing the Order of" Maternal Glory ", as well as" Medal of Motherhood ".
Even before the war, in 1936, state benefits for large families were appointed. Until 1944, mothers with many children received such benefits at the birth of their seventh child and each next. After the decree was issued in 1944, benefits began to be issued to mothers with many children at the birth of their third and every next child, instead of the previous procedure.
In March 1945, 65 mothers of large families were presented for the award at KhMNO.
The first seven awarded mothers with many children were issued 17 orders, according to which they received 8 meters of fabric, and three of them received one child's coat. The awarding of the title did not provide any benefits or privileges. Most of them sent their husbands and eldest sons to the front, and this award became for them gratitude for the burden that women took upon themselves during the war.