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Kaidalov Leonid Ivanovich

Born in 1916. He was drafted into the Red Army in 1941 by the Surgut district military registration and enlistment office, then sent to the Tallinn military infantry school in Tyumen, where it was relocated from Tallinn on August 20, 1941. The school was located in the Zatyumen part of Tyumen, on the territory 10th military town. Combat path: from July 7, 1942 he fought on the Voronezh front. During the offensive operation during the capture of the village of Arkhangelskoye, the commander of the 1st platoon Kaidalov, by his personal example, led the soldiers into battle. Pursuing the retreating enemy, on January 15, 1943, he was the first to break into the village with a company. Rossoshki. In this battle he was wounded and sent to the hospital. For the successful completion of the combat mission L.I. Kaidalov was awarded the medal "For Courage". Information about the further life path has not yet been established.