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Vaganova Augusta Ivanovna

Was born on November 20, 1925 in the village. Fedotovo, Omutinsky district. She studied in the village. Sytomino and Surgut. She worked as a head club (izbach) in the village. Sytomino, was a Komsomol leader, an agitator. During the Great Patriotic War, Avgusta Ivanovna worked in the fishing industry. In 1946, Avgusta Ivanovna graduated from the Khanty-Mansiysk Medical College, then worked for 3 years in YAMAO. She returned to Sytomino in 1955, where she went to work at Rybkoop. Since 1960, Avgusta Ivanovna worked as an accountant in the village council. She retired in 1973.