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“Russia is my story. Ugra ”launched the author's multimedia exposition“ Remember-M ”.
This is not another military exhibition. This is a unique opportunity to see the war with your own eyes. The exhibition is based on personal diaries, letters, memoirs, archival photos and videos. The viewing begins with the “hall of the last peaceful day”: the residents of the Union are preparing for the usual working week, and the schoolchildren celebrate their graduation, not knowing that tomorrow the lives of these people will change forever.
"Remember-M" is the exhibition that allows the viewer to be at the epicenter of events. It is here that you can feel like a participant in the terrible episodes of the military history of our country. This project is designed primarily for a deep emotional immersion of visitors to the exhibition, ”said the director of the park“ Russia is my history. Ugra »Vitaly Malykhin.
The digital exposition was created by a group of young authors from Yekaterinburg for the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The project is being implemented with the support of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.
The exhibition will run at least until the end of summer.