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Rest in peace, hero!

80 years ago, a participant in the Great Patriotic War, Sergeant Yakov Zakharovich Vazhenin was drafted into the ranks of the Red Army and only now returned home and found peace in his native land, in the village of Semenovo, Zavodoukovsky urban district of Tyumen region.
In April of this year, his remains were discovered by the Fakel search group of the city of Kirov on the territory of the Starorussky district of the Novgorod region. Thanks to a painstaking study of archival records, the search engines
managed to identify the Red Army man, find his huge family and return the fallen hero for burial next to the graves of his father, mother, wife and daughters.
More than a hundred people saw off Yakov Vazhenin on his last journey - his family, search engines, introduced the local administration and the military commissariat, activists of the Immortal Regiment of Russia, pupils of military-patriotic clubs and local residents.
Yakov Zakharovich is the eldest son of a large family. Going to the front, he left his wife and two daughters. The whole family came to see him off on his last journey - the descendants came with portraits of Yakov Zakharovich, his brothers and sisters.
“Mother was worried all the time that he had disappeared somewhere in a foreign land, she constantly turned to the military registration and enlistment office, hoping to get some information. Of course, we are glad that now her soul will calm down, ”says grandson Vladimir.
“Of course, we hoped that they would find it, and we are very grateful to the search engines for their work,” says granddaughter Tatiana.
Gennady Ivanov, co-chairman of the Central Headquarters of the Immortal Regiment of Russia, was himself born in the Zavodoukovsky region and told about the amazing coincidences of the fate of his father Kirill Matveyevich Ivanov and Yakov Zakharovich Vazhenin. “The remains were found in the Starorussky district of the Novgorod region. It was there that my father was awarded the Order of the Red Star in 1943. It turns out that they fought side by side, defending the Motherland, defending the road to Leningrad, ”Gennady Ivanov shared.
The solemn part ended with a minute of silence and the laying of flowers at the monument to the heroes who did not return. After that, all those present went to the Semenovskoye cemetery to the burial place. A solemn fireworks, a hymn and a long line of people laying flowers on a fresh grave ended this significant day with dignity.