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Lonchakov Pyotr Dmitrievich

Born in 1918 in the village of Khoshlog (now Berezovsky district.) Before the war, Peter Dmitrievich married Anna Prokopyevna Anyamova in 1939, their son Kalistrat was born. In 1941, Pyotr Dmitrievich Berezovsky RVK was drafted into the ranks of the Red Army. Served as a private. In 1943 he was seriously wounded in one of the battles. After treatment, he was discharged and sent home. After returning home, Pyotr Dmitrievich began working on a collective farm as a fishing foreman. In the postwar years, four more children were born in the Lonchakov family: Nina, Zoya, Pavel, Irina. For regular overfulfillment of state plans, Perth Dmitrievich was awarded the medal "For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945." He died on June 6, 1975, was buried in the village of Shoshlog.