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Children about the war

In our selection, we have collected the best books for children about the Great Patriotic War, which will help little readers learn more about this important page in our history.
What books would you recommend?
"Doll", Gennady Cherkashin 6+
The girl and her mother are returning home to Leningrad from evacuation. Their apartment is occupied by another family, and all of their belongings have been sold out. Once in the window of a thrift store, a girl sees her doll Mashenka. Every day the girl comes to her doll, reads her books, and her mother saves money to buy her daughter's favorite toy back.
The story does not describe cruelty and violence, Gennady Cherkashin hardly writes about the terrible realities of that time, so the book may become the first work about war in a child's life.
"Son of the Regiment", Valentin Kataev 6+
The story "The Son of the Regiment", which Kataev wrote in 1944, is still one of the best books about the war. This is not only the story of an orphan boy Vanya Solntsev, whose father and mother were replaced by front-line soldiers. It is also a true story about the war itself.
Boris Ivanovich Battalion, Alexander Sharov 6+
The book is about children who have had a difficult fate to face the war face to face. The battalion of Boris Ivanovich is not a military unit, but a close-knit team of children from an orphanage who had to go on foot to evacuate. Boris Ivanovich himself is not a combat commander, but his director - "a small, tanned, impetuous man."
"The fourth height", Elena Ilyina 6+
This story tells the story of the life of a real woman - Guli (Marionella) Koroleva. She was interested in everything around her, she took up any business with great willingness: she learned to dive from a tower, sit on a horse without a saddle, correct deuces, cultivate character and be brave. But soon the war began. Gulya died in 1942, when she was only twenty years old.
"Timur and he" Timur and his team ", Arkady Gaidar 6+
This is a collection of works written before and after the war. The book is imbued with anxiety and anticipation of trials. But not only. The main thing in them is the atmosphere of friendship, trust and love for their country, family and all people.