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Participants of the media expedition arrived at the Sambeksky Heights national military history museum of the Great Patriotic War

The media expedition “Victory in Our Hearts” arrived in the Rostov region, where they visited the legendary museum complex.

“Sambeksky Heights” occupies almost 14 hectares and consists of several structures and museums. The leading structure is the Memorial of Glory, erected in 1980 in honor of the soldiers who liberated Taganrog and completed the liberation of the Rostov region. Additionally, on the territory of the park there is a “partisan village.” This village, built by soldiers and officers of the Southern Military District during the Great Patriotic War, was fully recreated from photos of the archives of military history museums of the Rostov region, as well as thanks to the memories of the participants of the partisan movement.

During the visit to the museum, participants collected information materials and interviewed museum staff in order to disseminate and preserve the memory of the Great Patriotic War.