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Arteev Petr Ivanovich

Born on September 6, 1902 in the village of Usg-Kozhva. At the age of 8 he became an orphan. In 1917 he graduated from the 4th grade of elementary school in the village of Ust-Kozhva. In the 1920s, he was adopted and moved to live in the village of Shchekurya (now Berezovsky district). In 1926, Pyotr Ivanovich married Belyaeva Evdokia Ustinovna. The family had 11 children, but before the war six children died of illness. They raised five children: Nikita, Katerina, Faina, Alexey and Konstantin. Pyotr Ivanovich worked as a fisherman in a fishery. Then, in 1936, on the collective farm. Karl Marx was a cooper, then worked as deputy chairman of a collective farm. In September 1943, the Khanty-Mansiysk OVK was called to the front. He participated in battles as part of the 178th Guards Rifle Regiment. He fought near Leningrad, liberated the Baltic states. Demobilized on June 26, 1945. He was awarded government awards. After the war he studied at the courses of collective farm chairmen. Until 1954 he was the chairman of the Shchekurya collective farm named after Karl Marx. Then he moved with his family to live in the village. Saranpaul. At first he worked in the collective farm named after IV as a fishing engineer, then - as deputy director of the aul state farm ”. He was engaged in public work, was repeatedly elected a deputy of the regional Council of People's Deputies, and served as chairman of the village council. In 1964 he retired. He died on June 20, 1994, and was buried in the village of Shchekurya.