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Burduzhuk Vasily Maksimovich

Born on January 14, 1926 in the village of Slobodchiki (now Aromashevsky district of the Tyumen region). In 1941 he graduated from 7 classes, then courses for machine operators in 1942. From 1953 to 1954. graduated from the Omsk secondary school of militia. Civilian specialty: policeman. In October 1943 he was mobilized into the ranks of the Red Army. In June 1944 V.M. Burduzhuk graduated from the school for junior commanders. Combat path: in June 1944 he was sent to the front, took part in hostilities on the First Belorussian Front as part of a tank formation. After being wounded in the hospital in 1944 he was sent to the border troops. Awards: Order of the Patriotic War, 1st degree; medal "For excellent service in the maintenance of public order", awarded the badge "Excellent worker of the police". In January 1951, he joined the MGB - the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as a senior operative of the Leninsk-Kuznetsky GOM UOOP of the Kemerovo Region. In 1959 he was transferred to the Kondinsky District Police Department as a district commissioner. In 1965, he was transferred to the Urai city police department to the post of chief of a sobering-up center. After retirement in 1967 and until the last years of his life he worked as a fish inspector and game manager at the State Fish Inspection. Died June 3, 1992, buried in Urai.