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"Night Witches" and "Day Furies": 80 years of the creation of female air regiments

The other day, 80 years have passed since the beginning of the formation in 1941 of the Guards 46th night bomber aviation Taman Red Banner and the Order of Suvorov regiment - a female aviation regiment as part of the USSR Air Force during the Great Patriotic War.
Flowers were laid at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and then the second part of the book "76 stories about female pilots of the Great Patriotic War and female pilots of our days" was presented at the Museum of Moscow. The author of the book is Galina Brok-Beltsova, the only living female veteran of the 125th Women's Aviation Regiment, those same “day furies”.
When the Great Patriotic War began, she was only 16 years old. Galina first studied at the 1st Moscow Red Banner Military Aviation School of Communications, where she graduated from the courses of weather forecasters and meteorologists. Then she was promptly retrained as a navigator and sent to the 3rd Reserve Aviation Regiment. Galina did not even dream of serving in aviation, but the top nine out of 400 applicants who were selected for training on the newest military aircraft of the 1940s PE-2, in order to join the 125th Aviation Regiment in the future, entered the top nine. Brok-Beltsova talks about her combat friends during the war and those with whom she flew side by side and after.
Elena Kucherova, head of the executive committee of the regional department of the Immortal Regiment of Russia in the Moscow Region, took part in the celebrations. “This day is special, with tears in our eyes, it still fell on Parents' Saturday - when we remember those who are not around, those and those who did not have time to live. And these girls did not even kiss, but died for the Motherland. And we must all remember them. Thanks to their contribution to the Victory, we live today! " - she commented.