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Gladyshev Ivan Vasilievich

Born on October 1, 1906 in the village of Klyukvennoye (now the Schuchansky district of the Kurgan region). He worked as a lumberjack, fisherman in the Khanty-Mansiysk National District. In May 1942, Ivan Vasilyevich was drafted into the Red Army by the Mikoyanovsky Military Commissariat of the Khanty-Mansiysk National District and sent to the front. In the beginning, he built bridges, built crossings, erected bunkers and bunkers. Then after graduating from the school of demolitions he became a miner. Combat path: Ivan Vasilyevich was the commander of a sapper platoon of the 364th rifle regiment of the 139th rifle division of the 49th army. He took part in battles near Moscow, liberated Belarus and Poland. He ended the war in East Prussia. During the offensive on Mogilev in August 1943, Sergeant Ivan Gladyshev discovered a minefield and neutralized 35 mines under enemy fire, which contributed to the successful offensive of the infantry. His resourcefulness and skillful actions were awarded the medal "For Courage". In August 1944, for the successful demining of the coastal strip during the crossing of the Dnieper, Gladyshev was awarded the Order of Glory, III degree. In October 1944, he was awarded the Order of Glory II degree for heroism in the removal of 600 enemy mines and land mines under enemy fire. To the Order of Glory, I degree, Ivan Vasilyevich was presented for having led a regimental battery through enemy minefields. In total, during the Great Patriotic War, Ivan Vasilyevich removed more than nine thousand mines and defused two thousand enemy shells and land mines. After demobilization, Ivan Vasilyevich returned to Sherkaly, worked as a forester. In 1956 he moved to the village. Kichigino, Uvelsky district, Chelyabinsk region He worked as a watchman at a repair plant in the village of Uvelsky. He passed away on August 29, 1975. One of the streets in the village was named after Ivan Gladyshev. Sherkaly, there is also a memorial plaque on the house where Ivan Vasilievich lived.