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Poyankin Konon Maksimovich

Born in 1914 in the village of Sorovye yurts (now the Surgut region). Before serving in the Army, he headed the collective farm named after Chelyuskintsev, Sorovye yurts. In 1941, the Surgut RVK was drafted into the ranks of the Red Army.
Combat path: served in the 2nd Shock Army of the Leningrad Front. Died on July 29, 1944. Buried 1.5 km south of the village of Samokras, the right bank of the Kilgiesch River of the Estonian SSR.
Before the war, Konon Poyankin was married to a Khanty girl Alkanova Zinaida Sergeevna. She raised three children. Daughter, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren live in the rural settlement of Lempino.