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Military parade on October 7, 1941

Parade on Red Square on November 7, 1941 - a military parade in honor of the 24th anniversary of the October Revolution, held on Red Square in Moscow during the Great Patriotic War.
The event was prepared in the strictest secrecy under the title "Operation of the Moscow Garrison Troops" and was held at the height of the Battle of Moscow, when the front line was only a few tens of kilometers from the Soviet capital. The parade was of great historical importance, showing the high fortitude of the soldiers and commanders of the Red Army and inspiring thousands of young people from all over the Soviet Union to sign up for the front as volunteers.
The military parade was of international importance and contributed to the growth of the prestige of the U
organization of an ordinary traditional parade in Moscow at a time when hot battles are taking place on the outskirts of the city is an excellent example of courage and courage." On the day of the parade, a march of Serbian patriots in honor of the October Revolution took place in the Serbian town of Uzice as a sign of solidarity with the Soviet people.