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Free mobile application "Victory Line" - along the heroic routes

The regional branch of the Immortal Regiment of Russia in the Moscow Region, together with ANO My Choice, launched a historical online quiz in the Victory Line mobile application.
"Frontier of Victory" is a combination of real routes through the memorable places of the Moscow region associated with the events of the Great Patriotic War, and an exciting step-by-step online quiz. Residents and guests of the Moscow region can go through quests in historical places and even receive gifts.
Several hundred schoolchildren from the Moscow Region took part in the development of the routes, who suggested the most interesting, from their point of view, places within the framework of the online hackathon. In September-October, a new competition will start, where every resident of the region will be able to take part and propose a historical route through the memorable places of his settlement.
“The free mobile application“ Victory Frontier ”can already be downloaded in the App Store or Google play and have a fun time learning a lot of interesting and useful information about the life of the Moscow region's districts during the Great Patriotic War and beyond. The routes pass through various districts of the region and will be regularly updated. In addition, there are augmented reality facilities in the routes. The main thing is not to look, look at both! Learning the story by playing is great! - the head of the regional branch of the Immortal Regiment of Russia in the Moscow Region, member of the Public Chamber of the Moscow Region Valery Anisimov is sure.
The Victory Frontier mobile application has been launched as part of the Victory Frontier. Battle for Moscow "with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund.