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Dozens of countries are interested in the Yugorsk project to preserve the memory of the war

We are talking about the portal "North for Victory". It was presented on May 6 at the international forum "For saving the Victory World". Governor of Ugra Natalya Komarova spoke about this at a meeting of the thematic club "Remember".
Anyone can add to the collection of war memories. To do this, you just need to share photos of war veterans or letters from the front. By the way, the initiative, in addition to the head of Ugra, was supported by other countries. The partners were representatives of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Armenia, China and a number of other states.
“Residents of Australia, Germany, Iraq, India, Iceland, Spain, New Zealand, Italy, Norway, Japan, public figures from 30 countries of the world got acquainted with the initiative of Ugra people. Each of you takes part in it and everyone can become a participant, an active participant in the international humanitarian mission, everyone can share memories of the heroes of their family, ”explained the Governor of Ugra Natalya Komarova.
After the lifting of restrictions on coronavirus, themed exhibitions will be held in partner countries. There will be presented stories and photographs of participants in the Great Patriotic War. In the meantime, the pandemic has not receded, the residents of Ugra communicate with foreign partners of the project remotely.
“Our associates from Chisinau, where the Immortal Regiment procession is taking place, are taking part in the meeting of the Remember Club. The project team created a thematic exhibition telling about the labor exploits of the northerners and the number of indigenous and small-numbered peoples of the North, ”said Natalya Komarova.
Plus, at the last meeting, the top officials of the cities of Ugra awarded the winners of the regional military poster competition. The head of Surgut, Andrei Filatov, awarded three schoolchildren who won first places.