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Arteev Konstantin Ivanovich

Born on July 3, 1925 in the village. Saranpaul. After graduating from the Saranpaul school, having worked for a short time as a secretary of the village council, in 1941 he entered the Salekhard pedagogical school, where his fellow countryman Nifont Trofimovich Vokuev studied. In 1943, upon reaching draft age, Constantine was drafted into the active army. First he was a cadet, then from April 1944 to May 1945 he commanded a saber section of the 163rd Cavalry Regiment. Combat path: participated in the liberation of Budapest, Vienna and Prague. In battles, Konstantin Ivanovich was wounded and contused several times. Awards: Order of Glory III degree, Order of the Patriotic War II degree; medals “For the capture of Budapest”, “For the capture of Vienna”, “For the capture of Prague”, “For courage”, “For military service”. After the victory, Konstantin Ivanovich continued to serve in the army on May 31, 1947 was demobilized. With the rank of guard foreman, he returned to his native Saranpaul, went to a familiar job - as a secretary of the village council. A year later, in 1948 he moved to Berezovo, where he first worked in the regional police department, then in the Berezovsky regional military enlistment office. Passed away in 1999.