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Raduzhny's Young Guards cleaned up the graves of World War II veterans

A good tradition that emerged several years ago was the "Memory of Victory" campaign, where young activists carry out work on the improvement and cosmetic repair of graves: cleaning the burial area from foliage, branches, debris, painting fences.
This year was no exception. The Young Guards became active participants. So, today, as part of the action, the guys put things in order at the city cemetery.
“We pay tribute to the memory of the people who, at the cost of their lives, won the freedom of our Motherland and you and me. Fewer and fewer veterans remain alive, and we want their great feat to never be forgotten, ”said Anar Safarov, a member of the Raduzhny City Duma of the 7th convocation, Young Guard.
We would like to express our deep gratitude to Galina Stavtseva for her help and assistance in carrying out this action. Providing assistance to veterans, participants in the war, caring for monuments - helps young people to preserve in their memory the feat of our people during the war years.