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Medvedev Georgy Nikolaevich

Born on May 6, 1923 in the village. Zhelnino, now the Sorokinsky district of the Tyumen region. He graduated from primary school in the village of Bely Yar. He was drafted into the active Red Army in 1942 by the Surgut District Military Commissariat. Combat path: served as a mortarman in an artillery regiment on the famous "Katyusha". Georgy Nikolaevich always noted that the legendary mortars saved his life. Guard Private Medvedev fought to Berlin. On September 7, 1942 he was seriously wounded. In August-September 1945 he took part in the war with Japan. Awards: medals "For Courage", "For the capture of Berlin", "For the victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945", "For the victory over Japan." He returned home in 1947. He got a job as a supplier at a motor-fishing station, then worked as a salesman for the OPC geology, a carpenter at the Pokurskaya seismic party. In 1962 he was accepted as the head of the food base of the Pokursky fish cooperative. In 1976, Georgy Nikolayevich with his family moved to the city of Surgut, where he worked on the construction of the State District Power Plant-1 (GRES-1). He passed away on March 21, 1976. He was buried at the Chernomysovsky cemetery. His two daughters live in Surgut; they have kept their father's documents, including a military ID.