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A young poetess from Ugra became the best at the all-Russian competition "Poetry of Victory"

Polina Tsumankova, a schoolgirl from Khanty-Mansiysk with her poem "Little strong Valya" won the all-Russian competition "Poetry of Victory".
A schoolgirl from the capital of Ugra became one of the 500 participants in the creative competition timed to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War.
Polina became the first in her age category with a poem dedicated to the regiment's daughter, Valea Ponomareva from the Kursk region, who reminded Polina of her great-grandmother Masha, a front-line nurse.
“My poem is about a girl who joined the partisans and went through the entire war to the end. Valya helped the soldiers and earned an order and a medal. She was kind and brave. My mother and I chose the rhythm, words, I read stories about the war, "said Polina Tsumankova, winner of the Poetry of Victory competition.
Let us remind you that in Ugra the acceptance of applications for the regional competition for children "The History of Ancestral Settlements" has started.