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Romashko Vladimir Andreevich

Born on May 26, 1923 in the village of Yekaterinovka (now Ust-Ishim district, Omsk region). After graduating from a seven-year school, he entered the Ishim Pedagogical School where he studied for one year. From the 2nd year in October 1941 V.A. Romashenko was drafted into the army, sent to Omsk, with the intention of sending him to Moscow for sniper courses, but since there were already battles, studies were postponed. On May 25, 1942 (for the second time) he was drafted to the Voronezh radio school (evacuated to Novosibirsk). After a month of study as a radio operator, he was transferred to a platoon of electricians. After completing the courses (in November 1942), he was enlisted in the separate 156th communications regiment as an electromechanic of the ESB (power station of a high-speed bomber), formed in Novosibirsk, with which he traveled from Stalingrad to Berlin. Combat route: from January 13, 1943 to May 9, 1946, the regiment provided radio communications, which was considered the nerve of war. In January 1943, the 156th Signal Regiment entered the battle at Stalingrad. Together with the regiment, Vladimir Romashko fought in the 140th separate signal regiment of the 69th Army of the Steppe Front. He fought as part of the Voronezh Front. He took part in the battles at the Kursk Bulge, the liberation of Kharkov, near Belgorod. Electromechanic of the RSBS radio company (radio station of a high-speed bomber) of the separate Red Banner 156th communications regiment as part of the 1st Belorussian Front Sergeant V.A. Romashko. liberated Warsaw, participated in the capture of Berlin. In June - July 1945 he took part in the dismantling of the Goebbels radio station. From September 1945 to May 1946 he was in the Transcaucasian Military District, first in Baku (1945-1946), then in Tbilisi (1946-1947), where the 156th separate Brandenburg communications corps was transferred. In April 1946 he joined the Communist Party. May 25, 1947 was demobilized from the army for general demobilization. Awards: Medal Order of the Red Star, 03/14/1945 Order 73 / n (Order of the Red Star for urgently restored communications, using the batteries of a downed German aircraft for this), Order of the Patriotic War II degree, medals: "For military merit", "For the liberation of Warsaw", "For the capture of Berlin", "For victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. " Returning to his native Yekaterinovka, he continued his studies at the 4-year Ishim Pedagogical School (1947-1950). In 1950, the school was transformed into the Ishim Teachers' Institute and VA Romashko, as a front-line soldier, was left to study at the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of the Institute. In 1952, at his request, he was sent to work with. Lempino, Surgut region. In Lempino Vladimir Andreevich worked as a teacher of physics and mathematics, director of a school. Here he met his future wife - Zoya Andreevna Baldina. In 1954 they registered their marriage with the Salym village council. From 1960 to 1978 he worked at the school in Vysoky Mys, where he retired (in 1978), after which he worked at the school for another 5 years. He died on May 10, 2003, was buried in Surgut.