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Patlin Sergey Timofeevich

Was born in 1920 in the village. Yurovskoe (now Uvat district, Omsk region) Father - Patlin Timofey Kharitonovich, during the war he lived in the village. Yurovskoe, Uvatsky district. Mother - Zakharova (Patlina) Praskovya Prokopyevna lived in the village. Verkhnyaya Romanovka, Verkhne-Romanovsky s / s, Uvat district, Omsk region. Before being drafted into the army, he worked as a teacher in Surgut. Drafted for active service from Surgut. Junior lieutenant, deputy commander of a rifle company of the motorized rifle-machine gun battalion of the 69th tank brigade of the Don Front. From reports of irrecoverable losses, it follows that, as a platoon commander of the 1st Guards Rifle Brigade of the Western Front, he was wounded on March 18, 1942. Sergei Timofeevich died on September 18, 1942 as deputy commander of a rifle company of a motorized rifle-machine gun battalion of the 69th Tank Brigade, already as part of the formations of the Don Front in the battle for Stalingrad. The hero was buried together with other defenders of the city in the Soldatskaya gully at the junction 564 of the Ilovlinsky district of the Stalingrad region. On November 14, 2003, his soldier's medallion was found during the work of search groups at an altitude of 154.2 in the Gorodishchensky district of the Volgograd region. These notes from the medallion: Patlin Sergey Timofeevich, born in 1920, Tobolsk Territory, Omsk Region, Uvat District, p. Uvatskoe (Uvat), junior lieutenant, 157 reserve rifle regiment of the 25th Army from 10/30/1941. Departed with a marching company on 02/28/1942. According to information from the Rossoshinsky memorial directory in Volgograd, he was reburied on July 31, 2004 in mass grave No. 12 at the War Memorial Cemetery near the village. Rossoshki, Gorodishchensky district, Volgograd region.