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Drygalev Valentin Mikhailovich

Born in 1917 in the village Isetskoe (now the Sverdlovsk region). Before the start of the war, V.M. Drygalev worked as a chemistry teacher at a secondary school in Surgut. In October 1941 he volunteered for the front. Rank: guard lieutenant, party organizer. Combat path: fought in the 10th Guards Airborne Division of Major General M.G. Mikeladze of the 82nd Rifle Corps of the 37th Army of the 3rd Ukrainian Front. Killed in action in October 1943. Buried in the village. Davydovka (Zheltaya Rechka mine), Dnepropetrovsk region Buried with. Davydovka (Zheltaya Rechka mine), Dnepropetrovsk region Reburied in the village. Vinogradovka, Pyatikhat District, Dnipropetrovsk Region in 1956.