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International Forum started in Khabarovsk

The International Scientific and Practical Forum "The Khabarovsk Process: Historical Significance and Contemporary Challenges", dedicated to the preservation of the historical truth about the Far Eastern Victory of the Red Army in World War II, began its work in Khabarovsk.
The event is held with the participation of the Government of the Khabarovsk Territory and with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund, organized by more than 30 public associations and departments, including the Immortal Regiment of Russia.
“Your representative meeting has a special and, of course, practical meaning. Discussion of the events of those years is based on facts and archival materials. Such an honest, responsible position is very important for preserving historical memory, in order to effectively counter attempts to distort the events of World War II and prevent their repetition. I hope that the forum will make a significant contribution to a deep understanding of the historical legacy of the Khabarovsk process and its significance for the present, and the conclusions you have made will be in demand in further research work, "- reads the address to the forum participants by Russian President Vladimir Putin.
The Khabarovsk trial of 1949 over former servicemen of the Kwantung Army, which became an expression of the principled position of the Soviet Union regarding the development and use of bacteriological weapons by militarist Japan, rightfully occupies a place in history comparable to the Nuremberg trial. Japanese war criminals were no less adherents of the theory of the superiority of their race than the Nazis. During the Second World War, monstrous experiments were carried out on people, tens of thousands of citizens of the Soviet Union, China, and Korea were killed.
Today, representatives of the Immortal Regiment of Russia take part in key events of the forum, tomorrow the site "Immortal Regiment Guarding Historical Memory: Forgotten Truth about the Khabarovsk Trial" will begin its work.
Within the framework of the Forum, the general public will for the first time be presented with declassified archival documents of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian
Federation about the Khabarovsk trial, as well as little-known documents from the Foreign Policy Archive of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the State Archives of the Khabarovsk Territory and the Khabarovsk Regional Museum named after I. N.I. Grodekov.