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Alley of Memory is being created on the Champion Lake near Tyumen

An active planting of spruce seedlings has begun in the Memory Alley on the Champion Lake (Lipovoye Lake) at 26 km of the Tyumen bypass road. “Very soon, in a few years, there will be an alley around the lake,” said Gennady Ivanov, Co-Chairman of the Central Headquarters of the Immortal Regiment of Russia.
According to the organizers of the action, a total of 1,418 young pines and rowan trees will be planted here - this is exactly how many days the Great Patriotic War lasted.
The creation of the alley is a joint initiative of the regional branches of the Immortal Regiment of Russia, the All-Russian Sambo Federation and the Center for Quenching and Swimming in Cold Water "AquAysport Tyumen".
The preparation of the site for planting trees began in the summer: they carried out work on dumping the swamp, brought in black soil. The creation of the Memory Alley is timed to the 80th anniversary of the legendary parade on Red Square, November 7, 1941 in Moscow. Accordingly, this environmental action will last until November 7, everyone can take part. Now trees are already planted by up to 20 people every day, these are not indifferent residents of Tyumen, athletes, public figures.