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A charity event "Christmas Tree of Desires" has started in Tyumen

For several years now, two regional branches of the Immortal Regiment of Russia have been implementing the grandiose project "Christmas Tree of Desires" on the
territory of the Sverdlovsk and Tyumen regions and invite all caring people who want to give a piece of warmth and care to those in need to take part in it.
This year, 280 Christmas trees will be installed on the territory of the Sverdlovsk region in all cities of the region. In Tyumenskaya - more than 100.
In these two regions, more than 3400 postcards with letters to Santa Claus from children from needy and large families, from orphanages, boarding schools, more than 800 letters from labor veterans, children of war, prisoners of Nazi concentration camps have already been collected.
This year in Tyumen, within the framework of the project, a new action will take place - postcards for doctors from the Red Zone hospitals will be hung on the Christmas trees of Zhelaniy in shopping centers.
“We have been living in a pandemic for two years. Doctors, nurses and other staff work 24/7, doing a lot to save our lives. And we have matured a desire to thank these people, ”said Galina Valueva, its coordinator and head of the regional executive committee of the Immortal Regiment of Russia in the Tyumen Region, at a press conference dedicated to the opening of the project. - If you want to buy a gift, we recommend buying not some expensive things, but cookies, sweets, coffee, tea. We will bring these gifts to the hospital so that all the staff can have tea in moments of relaxation. "
Dozens of volunteers are involved in the project Christmas Tree of Desires, turning into Santa Clauses, Snow Maidens, bunnies, reindeer and other fairy-tale characters on the New Year.
“We know the best way to create a New Year's mood for ourselves and receive a magical New Year's gift is to go to presenting gifts ourselves! Join us! Try on a Santa Claus costume, grab a bag of gifts and make the world around you brighter! And at the very end of the year, when the gifts have already been presented, we will take to the streets of the cities for the New Year's carnival! Dozens of Santa Clauses, Snow Maidens, squirrels, hares will give a good mood to those around who are tired of the problems of the past year, giving sweets and smiles, and congratulating them on the coming New Year! " - the organizers of the Christmas Tree of Desires promised.