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Vtorushin Grigory Andreevich

Born October 14, 1918 in the village. Batman (now Khanty-Mansi region) Member of the CPSU (b) In 1939, the Samarov RVK was mobilized into the ranks of the Red Army. Military rank: guard senior lieutenant Position: assistant commander of a communications platoon Combat path: participated in battles on the South, South-West, Stalingrad, Donskoy, Voronezh, Steppe, 1st, 2nd, 3rd Ukrainian fronts. I met the victory in Germany. Demobilized in 1945. Awards: Order of the Red Star, Order of the Patriotic War, II degree; medals "For Courage", "For Military Merit", "For the Defense of Stalingrad". In the post-war period he lived in the village of Denshchiki. He died on November 1, 1990 and was buried in Khanty-Mansiysk.