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Activists of the Immortal Regiment of Russia go to the festival of reenactors

Among the activists of the Orenburg regional branch of the Immortal Regiment of Russia there are reenactors - members of the military history club "Peresvet".
On August 21, they will take part in the military-historical festival "Fire Arc", which will take place in the village of Borskoye in the Samara Region and will be dedicated to the 76th anniversary of the great victory and the 78th anniversary of the defeat of the Nazi troops at the Kursk Bulge.
“One of the goals of the Immortal Regiment of Russia is to preserve the memory and heroism of our people in the Great Patriotic War, and this is best promoted by one of the areas of work of our regional department - historical reconstruction.
It is with her help that the activists of the department can clearly show what a Red Army fighter looked like during the war, what ammunition was used, what was the difference between one or another weapon. This is not just a story - this is a Lesson in living history, - says the activist of the regional branch of the Immortal Regiment of Russia in the Orenburg region, Alexander Patlakhov. - You need to see how the children’s eyes light up when they can not only see in the movies, but also touch the weapons of the Great Victory, hold an assault rifle or a gun in their hands, try on a helmet and a raincoat.
It is this touch that leaves the most vivid mark in the memory, allows one to associate oneself with the heroic feat of our ancestors and ignite a spark of desire to study history. That will further help in the development and strengthening of love for the Motherland and the formation of pride for their Fatherland. "