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On August 31, Soviet troops entered Bucharest

On August 31, 1944, Soviet troops entered the Romanian capital - Bucharest.
On the morning of August 31, 1944, the units of the 6th Panzer, 53rd Armies and the 1st Romanian Volunteer Division named after Tudor Vladimirescu entered Bucharest, already liberated by the Romanian forces that had gone over to the side of King Mihai.
The Romanians greeted the entry of units of the 2nd Ukrainian Front into the capital very wary.
From the political report of the head of the political department of the 53rd army:
"... The bulk of the population greeted the end of the war with the Soviet Union with great relief, as a long-awaited event. The entry of our troops into Bucharest took place without incident. At first, people, being under the influence of fascist propaganda, were distrustful and very wary of the Red Army. The strict organization and order in our units, the attitude towards the Romanian population and the army quickly dispelled these sentiments. Soviet flags appeared on buildings and in crowds of people. Many greeted our units with flowers ... "