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9 August, International Day of the World's Indigenous People

This day was established by the UN and has been celebrated in Ugra every year since 2005.
The Khanty and Mansi provided powerful logistical support to the active army. During the war years, they selflessly worked under the motto "Everything for the front, everything for Victory!" The procurement of furs and timber acquired special defense significance.
Vera Kondratyeva, chairman of the Ma maehem cultural organization of the indigenous small-numbered peoples of the North, and the initiator of our project, says:
“Unfortunately, few people know about the feat of the northern peoples in the Great Patriotic War.
The people who lived in the forest led a traditional way of life, went to war, protecting their families. They knew and felt that danger was approaching their home. And they could not allow some kind of evil to be near their children and home.